Cybersecurity Acknowledgement

All visitors and contractors are required to submit the below cybersecurity acknowledgement for on site visits to Oneta Power.

Oneta Power provides access to electronic resources, information, capabilities, and functions (electronical assets) to enable the proper conduct of business. Access to electronic assets is only granted to individuals that agree to comply with the Information Security Code of Conduct specified below. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in termination, civil or criminal prosecution, or the loss of access to Oneta Power electronic assets.

By submitting this form, I demonstrate I have read and agree to abide by the following:

Information Security Code of Conduct

Acceptable Use

  • I will only use electronic assets in ways approved by Oneta Power management.
  • I will only use CalPERS electronic communication systems (e.g., email, messaging, social media) when conducting Oneta Power business. I will never use any other electronic communications systems to send or received Oneta Power business information.
  • I will only use my assigned User ID when accessing electronic information assets and systems, unless I have obtained approval from the Information Security Office to use another User ID.
  • I will not disclose the secret information (e.g., passwords, PINs, security tokens) that protects my Oneta Power electronic identity (User ID), as I am responsible for all actions that are performed by that User ID.
  • I will only access and modify information assets and systems that Oneta Power management has approved for my use (for business related purposes only).
  • I will not access any CalPERS information (electronic or paper) that pertains to me, my relatives, my associates, or my friends without the explicit approval from CalPERS management.
  • I will limit the physical access to the information assets and systems I control to only authorized persons (for business related purposes only).
  • I will restrict access to electronic information assets and systems to only individuals that are authorized to view or use that information (for business related purposes only).
  • I will not use information assets and systems for personal benefit, political activity, unsolicited advertising, unauthorized fundraising, or for the solicitation of performance of an activity that is prohibited by any local, state, or federal law.
  • I will not use information assets and systems for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory, or fraudulent purpose.
  • I will not engage in activity that may degrade the performance of information resources; deprive an authorized user access to Oneta Power resources; obtain extra resources beyond those allocated; or circumvent Oneta Power security measures.
  • I will not use hardware and software on Oneta Power systems and/or networks unless it has been approved by Oneta Power.
  • I will not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or CalPERS owned software.
  • I will regularly review and comply with Oneta Power Information Security policies, procedures, and control standards.
  • I will contact the Information Security Office if I have any questions regarding acceptable use compliance


  • I understand that electronic assets owned, leased, administered, or otherwise under the custody of control of Oneta Power are the property of Oneta Power.
  • I understand that Oneta Power reserves the right to monitor and/or log any usage of electronic assets.
  • I understand that information on Oneta Power systems may be disclosed as required by law or for use in disciplinary action.
  • I understand that a violation of the Information Security Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action that may include termination, civil or criminal prosecution, or loss of Oneta Power electronic asset access and privileges.


What to bring

Oneta Power Requires visitors to utilize the following safety equipment.

Oneta Power Hard Hat Required


Oneta Power Safety Glasses Required


Oneta Power Ear Protection Required


Oneta Power Steel Toes Required